A downloadable game for Windows

As Noe you gather as many species as possible on your Ark. You receive points for every two animals that goes on the boat. They will be matched sequentially, so if Penguin goes after Giraffe... at least take care of their sex! And mind the weight, because Ark has limited capacity!

Left Analog / WSAD - movement
B / Space - staff swing!

Game created in 48h during Sensei Game Jam 2017 in Poland by:
Adam 'Szopen' Andrzejczak, Adam Osiewała, Damian Kubik and Diego Sabaris.


Noah Ark Simulator


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Wow, so nice guys!  Just finished Noah's Ark: Dash N' Splash! Props!


Halo, gdzie jest build?

Będzie pewnie w niedzielę :)