A downloadable game for Windows

Travel the world of emptiness and fill it with your brain's imagination. You have to use your brain. Like an object.

Controls: WSAD + spacebar. If using Chrome, you must allow pop ups in order to download (small icon will appear to the right of url address space).

Game created during Nordic Game Jam 2017 in Copenhagen by:

  • Adam "Chopin" Andrzejczak - production, shaders, vfx, design
  • Alexander Tsekhansky - programming
  • Jan "Jano" Wasak - programming, logo
  • Mateusz "Baśka" Bach - 3D moddeling
  • Merlin Györy - music, sfx




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This was a pretty cool game and i had a lot of fun messing around in it (sorry about all the Lou Albano)

Unique idea.


This was a pretty good game overall. The music was...mildly unnerving, but still had a nice sound. The reality bubble mechanic was really cool as well. I've always liked games that dealt with perception or creation of surroundings. The way some of the things appeared and disappeared depending on location actually messed with me a little and it was an interesting experience. Good job on this.